Form It Faster

Scribbler brings your 3D designs, art, and objects to life faster than anything else. Forget traditional modeling. With built in pressure advance, ergonomic flexible handling, and automatic color switching, ideas appear faster in higher detail than you can dream it up.


Forget cheap plastic and heavy designs. Scribbler incorporates high quality construction and thoughtful design to make a tool that is not only easy to use but that you’d be proud to own. 

Get a Grip.

Ergonomic and flexible design gets to every point of your design in comfort. 

So Advanced

With built in pressure advance  that compensates for acceleration induced pressure changes, and accelerometer controlled federate, your work comes out in perfectly consistent line weight every time. 

With great power comes great control.

Fine tune temperature, feedrate, and pressure advance with decimal-level accuracy. All of which travels over a single magnetic cable. This isn’t a 3D Pen, it’s Scribbler.

Unnoticeably light. 

With specially produced filament sticks and a lightweight braided cable, your work comes out unimpeded. 

Designed with purpose,
not for flash sales. 

Scribbler is designed to stand out as a next generation creative tool, not a flash sale on massive e-commerce sites.

See how it was done.

Scribbler was designed with consideration for ergonomics, existing product experience, and internal components.

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