Better takes design.

Charlespick exists to make better technology for tomorrow, establishing true equality, and caring for what we’ve been given

Blowzu brings the economic and environmental savings of climate zoning to everyone.

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Lense uses augmented reality to treat cognitive disabilities.

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Project x takes this and does this making the world better with this

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Building better takes values

Designers have a responsibility to design for a better tomorrow, and that starts with defining what makes better. I hold these values true to myself because they matter.

innovating to improve the lives of everyone and every individual

I consider the users of my design and every one else effected first. By seeing these people, meeting with members of my user base, and designing with their needs in mind we can truly use design to change lives for the better.

taking full responsibility for the effects design has

A design isn't complete if it was envisioned in a vacuum. Products affect both its users and bystanders every day, and a product's environmental effects span far before and after its usage.

creating a better tomorrow for every living thing as a whole

People are only a fraction of the ecosystem that calls the earth we live on home, so it's important that designers make products that are considerate of all the other living organisms here today and in the future.

moving forward from the past while understanding fundamental human behavior

A job isn't complete if you haven't considered the reality of how systems of people will use your product. I believe it's crucial that designers understand how their product will survive in the real world, beyond the standard user.

Better takes all of us

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