VR for real.

For years we've been promised a new type of computing. Onemasq makes virtual reality a reality with bleeding edge hardware and innovative software features, while solving real social barriars to adoption.

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Wear it all day, every day.

Virtual Reality is the next general computing platform we've all been waiting for. Onemasq combines durability with comfort for a headset you would be able to and be proud to wear every day.

Flawless fit.

Facial interface comfort is critical for professionals who plan to wear their headset for long periods of time, whether you're fixing equipment on site or conceptualizing in your studio. Onemasq uses a tightly knit soft touch fabric with a custom formulated memory foam to form a solid foundation while conforming to every facial movement.

It's replaceable, too. Easily remove, clean, replace, and swap the pillow with magnets for any reason.

Effortless Interaction

Move freely with a perfectly balanced headset. Quickly look up, check over your shoulder, turn around. Onemasq's lightweight body is practically equally balanced between the front and back so it doesn't tug on you during fast movements.

We raised the bar. The angled head strap redistributes weight that would normally rest on your nasal bridge without the need for a center strap.

That's tight. Onemasq uses Float Fastener, to effortlessly attach to your head. Simply press on the back and the band smoothly collapses for a snug, comfortable fit. When you're done, simply press the release and power button.


Made to finish the mission.

IP54 liquid and dust resistant

Construction equipment-grade plastics

Antimicrobial treated

Scratch-resistant lenses

Non-reactive metals

The front screen on Onemasq guides the user during their first experience in VR, before they've put on the headset

Smart interactions. Teach users about VR in a way that feels natural to them. Configure a fleet of headsets. The front facing touchscreen is there to assist your users and your team - every step of the way.

Fully immersed. Fully present.

VR technology can be isolating but VR environments are social experiences where we build, share, and laugh together. SeeMe brings in everyone around you so they can see your reactions, emotions, and experiences.

SeeMe uses a scan of your face and sensors embedded behind the lenses to capture over 20 muscle movements that that accurately capture your facial expression. By using the inside-out tracking sensors and a custom light polarizer, Onemasq creates a projection that bystanders see on your headset.


Is this thing on?

Onemasq combines bleeding edge technical innovation and critical management capabilities that technology professionals and IT departments rely on to keep work moving.

Seeing is believing.

Our primary sensory method - sight. Hold virtual and physical objects up close or far away. Visuals in Onemasq look better than ever. Every part of the visual experience - from the refresh rate of the discreate panels to a multiparadigm optical image stabilization implementation - is designed to mimic natural vision like no other.

High Refresh Rate

MicroLED discrete panels

Just-in-time painting

It's just what you're meant to see

Pancake Optics

High Dynamic Range

110 degree Field of View

2200 x 2320 pixels per eye

Clarity when you need it most

Optical Image Stabilization

Dedicated execution stack

Low latency video chain

Maximum performance

Foveated rendering

Automatic Fit Adjustment

Am I wearing this right?

Get a clear picture right away. Internal components physically adjust the placement of the lenses and screens to perfectly match the unique facial characteristics of any wearer. The lenses even automatically move into the frame to make room for glasses, if you need them.

It takes two.

Incomparable power. Inside are two Snapdragon XR2 SoC's delivering far and away the most processing power of any self-contained headset. Multitask, connect, and collaborate without breaking a sweat.

The IT person gets it.

With native support for Active Directory and claims-based authentication, centralized device management, bootloader-level disk encryption, and certifications from industry leading software partners, all built on an open software platform, IT administrators have the tools they need to meet organizational goals and industry regulations with their Onemasq deployment.

Connectivity for miles.

Take Onemasq wherever your work takes you with onboard 5G and additional advanced communication standards.

Infrared systems onboard allow Onemasq to communicate with other headsets and devices without additional radio interference.

WiFi 6E Delivers Gigabit+ speeds with ultra-low latency when it matters most.

Dual Bluetooth controllers onboard connect to controllers and peripherals with unmatched reliability and performance.

Ultrawideband RF technology gives positional information to the highest precicion, even indoors.

The charger connects to the rear of the headset with magnets

Attractive power.

Work uninterrupted with a single lightweight cable that delivers all day power. Connect to wired networks, and tether to a workstation for even more versatility. The magnetic docking port on Onemasq does it all and safely disconnects when needed, too.

Highly specialized, just like your business.

Pads made of rubber that are clean room certified. Electronics with added reliability for your operating rooms. Air gapped units for working with sensitive information. Onemasq can also be tethered to a computer to run even more complex simulations. Onemasq is truly built for business - every business.

Dedicated to a better tomorrow.

Charles is dedicated to creating designs that address and positively impact the social, economic, and environmental challenges our world faces today. Onemasq embodies this commitment by utilizing sustainable materials such as carbon-free recycled aluminum and textiles made from recycled plastic fibers. All of Charles's products are designed to be energy efficient and prioritize accessibility for individuals with disabilities, minorities, and those facing socio-economic hardships. Learn more about the mission and how I strive to make a difference.

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