Everything you want to see, hear, and believe.

Apple TV Pro brings together all your apps, games, and other devices. Seamless switching, powerful controls, and a perfect entertainment

Severance is available to stream on Apple TV Plus. Higher Power by Coldplay is streaming on Apple Music. Download Oceanhorn 2 on Apple Arcade


Insane compute power with the M1 Max chip never before seen in a streaming box. The best gameplay. The fastest streaming. The richest audio. This is the most powerful home theatre console ever.

Achievement unlocked: The Best Graphics
Apple Arcade games are getting updated with the best graphics ever on a TV. M1 Max is more powerful than the leading gaming consoles. Period.

Bring it all together.
With 6 HDMI ports and Apple Transport Management, Apple TV Max becomes the brain of your setup. You get the tvOS features you love and a whole lot more no matter what you’re doing.

The confidence to connect.
Apple Transport Management uses Artificial Intelligence to get the best image and sound for your TV and speakers. With support for every HDMI standard on every port, you always get the best picture and audio.

Every port has
HDMI CEC Communication
VRR (variable refresh rate)
4K and 8K resolutions
240hz high-refresh rate
3D stereoscopic video
eARC with HomePod
AV Sync compensation
Spacial Audio Recoding
Dolby Atmos & DTS:x
HDR10 HDR10+ Dolby Vision
HDCP chain integrity
Auto low latency mode

Seamless Switching.

No more black blinks, sound cuts, or loud pops. No more format switching, just the best entertainment setup ever. There's even lights that help you connect the rest of your devices.

Hearing becomes believing.
Upgrade traditional sound
formats to realistic Spatial Audio with zero latency, even stream it to your AirPods for those late nights. Plus, you can use HomePod home theater audio with any connected device and remotely connected devices over eARC.

This is all you need.
Control your home and get doorbell notifications. Available no matter what you’re watching. Control everything connected from your iPhone, with Siri Remote, or handsfree with HomePod.

Experiences that fit in.
Hardware that stands out.