Ping Pong Ball Packaging

An exploration of product packaging
Last Updated
October 7, 2020

Final Photos

Intro to Packaging Design

For my second studio project, I designed a simple packaging concept for 6 ping pong balls

Form Design Process

Working on this project allowed me to develop skills in conceptualizing and refining product form, apearance, and functionality

Tools & Materials

100lb paper, superglue, knife & ruler, Autodesk AutoCAD


Some of my conceptualization sketches, numbered by concept group
Sketch models made with loose ping pong balls (blue) and a cluster of glued balls (pink)
2 finished sketches I used to present to others before committing to a single design

I used Autodesk AutoCAD to design a printable template so I could get perfect accuracy in my final model - it included perfectly placed segments and alignment guides for glueing
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