A solution for the common athlete
Last Updated
October 20, 2020

Final Photos

Enviromentally Friendly

Proposed materials for production include cork, bamboo, and braided recycled paper


The furniture provides some movement while still allowing an athlete to rest during or after a workout. Ambient movement is important to resting properly during a workout

Tools & Materials

KeyShot 9, Solidworks 2020, foamcore, superglue, AutoCAD 2020, hot glue, styrene tube

About the Project

Cooil is furniture for the common athlete. You could find it on the sidelines at your local basketball court, in the gym’s lobby, and in the weight room itself. People need to rest even when they’re working out, and Cooil is for just that.

Cooil’s springs give it movement that help alleviate the stress on muscles of sitting during a workout. Cooil was designed to use environmentally friendly materials in production like Cork, Paper, and Bamboo. The product’s simple design makes it durable and suitable for commercial uses and can better stand up to the abuse of working out.

Final renderings props & materials:  Ivan Malcevic, Alexander Kalmykov, Roman Cavigliasso, YOBI 요비, abbas hoseini, KeyShot Cloud Library, PhilippeV8

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