A Solution for Air Travel
Last Updated
October 10, 2020

Final Photos

Language Barriers

ElevateBoxes implemented in an Airport Security setting allow international and inexperienced travelers to proceed through security at their own pace with more personalized, directed instructions

Relieving Labor

A cluster of ElevateBoxes can more efficiently process more passengers with supervision than a single officer screening individuals one at a time

Tools & Materials

Foam core board, knife, hot glue, printed decal

About The Project

The ElevateBox serves both travelers and security personnel in the airport environment to simplify and assist people through the airport security process. The kiosk performs the first step of validating a traveler’s identity and provides adaptable instructions for the user. These functions accomplish the goals of alleviating repetitive labor off of airport employees and providing a more personal airport experience for airport customers.


Final design intent (left, top) and Ideation sketches (lower-right)
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