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Designing for a brand
Studio Project
November 2020
Charles Pickering

A brand of values

Apple designs some of the most influential products on the planet. Their attention to detail extends to every aspect of their products, from form to software to environmental impact. As a result, Apple products advance human productivity, safety, health, and wellbeing, placing the company at the intersection of technology and humanitarianism. 

Photo: Foster and Partners


Photos: Unsplash


Photos: Unsplash
Photos: Unsplash

Market Research

• Competing products: Nest Home products, Echo Show and Spot products
• Similar products: Apple iPad, iMac, AppleTV
• Commonalities in competition: camera and cover, microphones, 4-10 inch screens, omnidirectional speakers


HomePod distinguishes itself from the competition with its sound quality. A HomePod with a screen would need to provide an equal entertainment experience.


The screen and speaker in a smart speaker work together to provide general assistance though software.


As a primary home device from Apple, functionality should complement the home, increasing the utility of Apple’s smart home platform, HomeKit.

A HomePod with a Screen

Apple’s HomePod line of products serves as a competitor to offerings from Sonos, Amazon’s Echo, Google’s Nest, and more. HomePod combines intuitive smart home functionality, rich entertainment capability, and intelligent voice assistance to users in the home. Adding a screen to the device would further strengthen the product line’s existing capabilities, while adding new ones. 

Photo: Apple

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